Side Tracked: Tasting the Tube

Synaesthesia is a neurological condition that for want of a better phrase ‘mixes up the senses.’ Those with the condition often say they can see sounds as colours or taste words.

So what would the Underground look like if you could taste it?

Well a man called James Wannerton can map it out for you, based on what each station’s name ‘tastes’ like. Examples range from the absolutely delicious Lancaster Gate – Thin Crispy Bacon to the really quite bizarre Holloway Road – Fuzzy Felt. Some tastes actually reflect the real word: The ‘wood’ in South Woodford and Woodside Park conjure up flavours of Pine Nuts and Pine Cones respectively. Some words appear to add texture or temperature to a previous flavour. A trip to Leyton or, Lamb, would be quite appetising; whilst journeying one station further to Leytonstone would rather ruin the experience as the ‘stone’ turns the taste to Cold Lamb.

You can read James’ full story and see the complete map of flavours from The Telegraph here. Who has the tastiest station?