In Search Of Network SouthEast

Yesterday on the 10th June 2016 Network SouthEast turned 30 years old. Created in 1986 to revive and breathe new life into British Rail’s tired and worn out commuter services in and around London, Network SouthEast was an unrivalled success story. BR reinvented their stations, rolling stock and logo in what is largely regarded as one of the best railway brands of all time. So what traces of BR’s most successful brand are still left hanging around? I went to find out…

– Andy Carter

CAS Shorts: Network SouthEast Stock At Woodford Wells

So here’s a first! A short running video for you, focusing on some of my NSE stock. I shot this on my Samsung NX3000 which was a real bugger to get right. I’d like to do more running videos in the future so perhaps I will switch to my iPhone camera which seems to focus better in video mode. True aficionados will notice I’ve been somewhat artistic with some of the Sound FX which despite an age trying to perfect are still not quite right in places. As this part of the process is very time consuming do let me know if it’s something you’d like to see in future videos or should I keep it ‘natural?’ Enjoy!

– Andy Carter

CAS Weekly 12/12/15

Image From TfL Museum Shop


UK Rail

World Rail

From The CAS Team

Compiled by Edward Kendall & Andy Carter

Review: Hornby Class 50

Every modeller no doubt has a ‘wish list’ of locos he or she wants to buy. Usually they are very long wish lists and of course I am no different. Every model I have reviewed thus far had previously featured on my list of desirables. Today, however, something different… Something of which I’m sure every other modeller has done too… The Impulse Purchase!


Let’s see if it’s any good…

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How To Improve Old Rolling Stock: Lighting Experiments

Recently I undertook a little project to breathe new life into some old Hornby coaching stock. This was mainly focused on painting and coupling but I did briefly mention the possibility of adding lighting to bring a whole new dimension to a model with out-of-date tooling.

Lima Class 121

Those of you who follow me on Twitter may have seen my continued effort to freshen up my old stock in my undertaking of recommissioning a Lima Class 121:

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