046/270: #Brixton – The Tribute

It’s going to be hard to come to Brixton and not in some way feature the David Bowie mural on the wall opposite the station.

An imposing roundel looks down on a hive of activity. Steel Drummers are knocking out the hits of Abba underneath a market stall as people rush by. Brixton is alive and well and it’s thriving.

Across the street there is a moment of calm. Passers by pause to stand a while, take photos, or read the eulogies scrawled on the wall. Fresh flowers are still being lain in some quantity over a year after the stars departure. Even the nearby billboards have been graffitied so that their subjects sport Aladdin Sane lightning bolts.

Brixton is proud of its humble yet foremost resident and isn’t going to let you forget that in a hurry. Sleep well Star Man.

Image copyright A Carter – CallingAllStations.co.uk