Music: Changing Stations With SNS Online

What if every London Underground Line was a piece of music? What would it sound like?

Friend and colleague Nick Randell, presenter and producer of Scratch And Sniff podcast has been speaking to Daniel Liam Glyn composer of Changing Stations – possibly the greatest audible love story written about The Tube.

Daniel identifies himself as someone who has both Grapheme Colour and Spatial Sequence Synaesthesia; a neurological ‘phenomenon’ where a person perceives words, letters, shapes, and numbers in colour or sometimes taste and smell. This he has used to his advantage in the creation of his debut album – a truly multi-sensory experience that transports us to all corners of England’s capital city, allowing us to experience the sights, sounds and even smells of London, as well as the hidden thoughts and emotions of London’s daily commuters.

Hear Nick’s full interview with Dan and producer Katie Tavini below they explore the creative process behind putting every tube line to music. And for more great programming visit the SNS Online Soundcloud page.