CAS Weekly 19/08/15



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Compiled by Edward Kendall & Andy Carter

Review: Hornby Class 50

Every modeller no doubt has a ‘wish list’ of locos he or she wants to buy. Usually they are very long wish lists and of course I am no different. Every model I have reviewed thus far had previously featured on my list of desirables. Today, however, something different… Something of which I’m sure every other modeller has done too… The Impulse Purchase!


Let’s see if it’s any good…

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NEW! Review: Hornby Class 67

It has been my intention for a while to offer some insights in to some of the models and stock I run on my layouts: why I’ve chosen them, what I think of them and would I recommend them to a friend. To accommodate this, welcome to the new Review section of the CAS site! Recently inspired by similar bloggers and vloggers, (noteably IC82 and LocoYard – both worth subscribing to by the way) overtime I hope to offer focus on new models I purchase as well as taking a retrospective look at some of the older parts of my collection.

I’m going to start with my most recent purchase: The Hornby DB Schenker Class 67 (R3039). My plan is to give you an overview of the model and different versions are available for purchase and then give the loco a score out of 10 for Packaging, Features, Details & Finish, Running and Price before totting these up to give you an average mark.

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