CAS Weekly 01/03/15

Oswald Lawrence (BBC)


  • Hornby showcase some prototypes at Model Rail Scotland.
  • Adding crews to your locos from Jonathan Malton @ LocoYard.

UK Rail

  • East Coast rail franchise back in private hands as Virgin takes over running of the line this morning.
  • Take a look at this moving piece from the London Short Film festival by Luke Flanagan: ‘Mind The Gap‘ the tale of Oswald Lawrence.
  • The government promises that Northern Pacers will finally be out of service by 2020…
  • …whilst it looks likely Class 150 Sprinters will be refurbished and live on.
  • How does TfL close all it’s ticket offices? Diamond Geezer has the answers.
  • Banbury depot to be brought back into use.
  • The UK’s first third-rail compatible ballast cleaner has been ordered at a price tag of £50 million.
  • RailwayManiac looks at what might have happened had Nottingham Victoria survived closure.
  • Stations that look like other stations by TheBeautyOfTransport.
  • Geoff Marshall now has a mailing list where you can sign up to hear about the latest ‘Tube Tours’ that he runs.
  • Commuters using Brixton tube station: Beware!

World Rail

Coming Soon!

  • My trip to the world’s largest model railway in Hamburg… watch this space.

Cover Image by Virgin Trains East Coast showing proposed new IEP trains.

Side Tracked: Stock Cascading & Lazy Journalism

Last night I became mildly enraged as a colleague showed me a report from BBC North West Tonight. The report detailed how First Trans-Pennine would be losing 10 of it’s trains to Chiltern Railways in the South of England. Unfortunately for the usual boring legal reasons I can’t post a clip of the report on this site, but if you’re quick you can watch it on iPlayer here. If you’ve missed the boat then there’s a cut down version on the BBC website here.

“First TransPennine Express is already the most overcrowded train company in the UK and will now lose 13% of its train units.” the report quotes exceptionally misguided John Owen from TravelWatch North West along side such scaremongering lines such as: “North Loses Again”, “outrageous” that trains will be moved from the North to the South of England” and “This is absolutely unacceptable.”
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