CAS Weekly 16/09/15

Fresh Services On The Borders Line

Fresh Services On The Borders Line

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Compiled by Edward Kendall & Andy Carter

Norton Folgate Sidings

So I’ve long been promising an insight into what I’ve been working on lately. But first a bit of background: Langstead Junction is on hold. The reason for this is two-fold.

  • Firstly it’s to help me save a bit of cash and post-christmas is always the ideal time in the year to do this.
  • Secondly, I’ve got the stage where Langstead Junction has developed as far as is technically possible within the realms of space and design. I’d really like to start a main layout again from scratch, and put right many of the design flaws that I built into Langstead Junction without better knowledge. I’d like to run longer trains, concentrate on scenery to a higher standard and maybe convert my stock to DCC. As you can probably tell this isn’t going to be an overnight change. It also slightly negates the first point: Save Money!

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Side Tracked: Hump Shunting At Tinsley

Some classic British Government footage of Tinsley Marshalling Yard in the 1960’s – at the time one of the most advanced in the world. Almost tragic that it’s use was so short lived.


Curiously models of hump yards, or rather British Image hump yards, seem to be few and far between. This is strange in a way as they would be relatively simple to build, giving a huge amount of operational interest for both modeller and onlooker as well as removing the need to rearrange wagons by hand in a fiddle yard.

I have however found one notable example, Hazlebury Yard from Blyth & Tyne Model Railway Society, seen in the clip bellow.


Video by o0poindexter0o