100 Journeys: No 14

Mind the stickers.

Tottenham Court Road is open for business again! … And all of a sudden the line diagrams are out of date. Stickers are coming. Ones that will return the status of the station and restore it’s mapped interchange with the Northern Line. Or are they?

TfL usually like to get as much use out of the diagrams as possible overlaying the maps with stickers until enough information has changed to warrant a new print. In January Stratford will move from Zone 3 to Zone 2 which will require one hell of a large sticker. So large in fact that are TfL going to wait and simply re-print new line diagrams?

TfL will be keen to show off their refurbished Tottenham Court Road as well as the fare savings the Zonal boundary change will create for Stratfordites so I predict we wont have to wait long to find out.

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100 Journeys: No 11 (Moquette-Gate!)

Last week saw Londonist’s Geoff Marshall explain all 4 London landmarks in the Central/Northern and Jubilee Line moquette seat covers. (And Even though I always wrongly thought the 4th landmark was Canary Wharf, it was a great video).

Then, in what can only be described as Moquette-Gate”, Timeout London, The Evening Standard and ITV London all shamelessly stole the story, with only Timeout later adding in a credit to the original.

Geoff then took to twitter to ask his follows to come up with plausible yet completely false tube facts that would bait the aforementioned media piggy-backers. Some of the replies are truly inspired. You can read the full range of responses by following the link to the tweet above, but Geoff went on to summarise the best ‘facts’ on The Londonist, my personal favourite being from one Thomas Preece

…because sometimes, you know, even I question it’s existence…

Who knew a seat could cause so much controversy!

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