101/270: #LatimerRoad – The Lost

Latimer Road serves a sort of cul-de-sac of North Kensington and is another prime example, certainly in name at least, of how infrastructure can severe communities. To the north and west the community is boxed in by Westway and the West Cross Route to such an extent that the station’s namesake is a good half mile detour underneath the expressways. Of course it didn’t used to be this way, Latimer Road would have once ran much further south, terminating on the western side of the station. The road was erased from the map in the 60’s with the construction of the West Cross Route. Had the road continued to the north as planned, it’s likely Latimer Road would have disappeared in its entirety.

This gets us wondering how many examples there are of tube stations who’s namesakes – streets, pubs, areas – no longer exist. We’ll get you started with Elephant & Castle…

Image copyright A Carter – CallingAllStations.co.uk

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