098/270: #RoyalOak – The Vantage Point

Racing the HST’s out of Paddington (Hammersmith & City and Circle) (097), the S-Stock’s first port of call is Royal Oak. From the outside, a dilapidated single story facade fronts a grotty bridge and you’d be forgiven for thinking this station was down on it’s luck, hardly worth of carrying it’s Royal title. But one mans garbage is another mans gold, and standing by the eastern end of the platforms gives one an unrivalled view of the complex throat of Paddington main line station. To the left Crossrail portals begin to take shape underneath the shadow of Westway whose slip roads criss-cross our vantage point on enormous single span girder bridges. This might not be pretty but it’s infrastructure heaven.

Image copyright A Carter – CallingAllStations.co.uk

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