084/270: #Kenton – The Intruder

Kenton shares many similarities with sister stations at Harlesden (079) and North Wembley. This is another example of a set of brand new stations being constructed wholesale with standardised designs. Sadly some of the stations on this stretch of the branch appear a bit under loved. Not least of all at Kenton, where the footbridge here has been in a permanent state of renovation for a good forever.

In its place is a temporary, and equally rickety, scaffolded footbridge. At the foot of which on the northbound side is a sign which is all manner of wrong. If you thought the incorrect font at Paddington (055) was bad then wait till you take a look at the intruder below… Along with its sisters this station is managed by Network Rail which may go someway to explaining the lower standards of upkeep along the branch. Now you might forgive Network Rail for using Rail Alphabet, the once standard font for mainline signage, instead of London Underground’s preferred New Johnston, but what they’ve actually ended up using is Transport Heavy – the font used on all of Britain’s Road signs.

It hurts my OCD.

Image copyright A Carter – CallingAllStations.co.uk

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