043/270: #ClaphamSouth – The Shelter

Though there are seven deep level shelters on the Northern Line, Clapham South is perhaps the most well known. This is not only due to its prominent location on the edge of Clapham Common, but also down to the London Transport Museum open it up for annual tours. In fact Calling All Stations will be visiting the shelter in just a couple of months time, so do look out for that on the blog.

The shelter was completed in 1942 against growing public concern over blitz bombing protection in the city. It wouldn’t be until 1944 that they actually saw public use as bombing intensified. Up until then they were used exclusively by the government, with the rest of the tube network used by the public.

After the war the shelter was used to temporarily house immigrants from the West Indies, as well as being used to store archives for many years.

Image copyright A Carter – CallingAllStations.co.uk

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