031/270: #WestHampstead – The Trio

A glance over the parapet at West Hampstead shows the three separate routes running beneath us. From left to right we see the Chiltern Main Down, Chiltern Main Up, Metropolitan Northbound, Jubilee Northbound, Jubilee Southbound and Metropolitan Southbound; all of which multiplex to create a true eclectic mix of local, suburban and intercity services. West Hampstead served exclusively by the Jubilee Line is of the former, with a single island platform located between the six lines.

West Hampstead tube station is one of a trio of stations on the same short stretch of West End Lane. Out of shot, and 280ft to the right of the photo, lies West Hampstead (Overground) on the former LMS North London Line. A further 380ft on again is West Hampstead Thameslink on the Midland Mainline. The combination of West Hampsteads makes for a total of 14 lines running through these parts. It’s not uncommon for two separate stations to be located in such close proximity, however three is rare. It is likely to be the closest, if not only, instance of this happening in the country.

At one stage all three stations had separate names, so it’s quite unusual that they all ended up sharing the same title seeing as this practice was often actively avoided to mitigate public confusion. It’s been proposed to marry all three stations together under an umbrella of “Hampstead Interchange” with some form of internal connection. Such plans are yet to come to fruition.

Image copyright A Carter – CallingAllStations.co.uk


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