028/270: #TottenhamCourtRoad – The Mosaic

Here we have a station once so grotty a duplicate of it was constructed to depict the seedy underbelly of planet Earth in We Will Rock You‘s dystopian future. Dirty, dark, overcrowded and full of strip lighting, for years Tottenham Court Road was the unloved runt of all the Central London stations.

Then along came Crossrail. Not happy with connecting up it’s flagship construction project to dilapidated tube stations, TfL have been making haste with the paint brush. Emerging from it’s slumber Tottenham Court Road is now a bright symphony of colour and space. Lifted too from the years of grim are the famous 1984 Eduardo Paolozzi mosaics that give this station it’s unique identity.

It’s difficult to post these pictures in black and white when the artistic purpose of Paolozzi’s tiles is to be bright and vibrant. However this is a format I’ve now set myself, and will stubbornly follow until the end. In the absence of colour, instead appreciate the patterns and shapes of his work – which depicts the nearby music and record shops that used to populate the area above.

Image copyright A Carter – CallingAllStations.co.uk


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