Where Are They Now? British Locos On Tour

Once upon a time, Britain didn’t just build it’s own locomotives but exported them all over the world too. Edward investigates where some of BR’s hits ended up and which ones are still rocking on today:

British Locomotives on the European Mainland

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3 thoughts on “Where Are They Now? British Locos On Tour

  1. Fascinating…but unusual that the class 92’s are surplus to requirements. Considering their cost and complexity. Or was that their downfall – too specific a requirement and not enough route availability?

    • I’ve been looking into it and it’s an interesting one. The surplus was down to the cancelled Nightstar service which would have seen them haul sleeper services between various UK locations and Europe. This was cancelled in the late 90s and the locos eventually found work overseas – I guess because Class 90s and the still abundant 86s were doing just fine on routes the 92 could serve. I suppose they could have found work on the southern region, but this has always been covered fairly well by EMUs plus the GatEx 442s were still practically new at this point. They’ve only now this year been enlisted to haul UK passenger trains for the first time in their lives on the Caledonian Sleeper. I can’t help but think this class was a missed opportunity or maybe ahead of its time?

  2. Nightstar/EPS was a disaster. Although with them being rostered onto the sleeper I’ll get more opportunity to see them in their smart new livery if I’m really early or heading home late via Glasgow Central.


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