CAS Weekly 13/02/15

Image from Northern Rail

UK Rail

  • Spanish firm CAF win bid to build new sleeper cars for the new Caledonian sets.
  • Manchester Airport has a new platform.
  • Whilst Birmingham Snow Hill is mooted for a rebuild.
  • London Reconnections take you through the Crossrail Launch Plan.
  • Commute London revamp their website. Find out how the capital’s rail franchises are fairing on social media.
  • Abandoned tube tunnels could be turned into cycle lanes
  • …but I tell you why this is dreadful idea.
  • Virgin will replace the East Coast Loyalty Reward system with Nectar when they take over the franchise. Regular customers are upset.
  • A sneak peak of the Class 319’s being kitted out in Northern Rail livery.
  • Diamond Geezer rides a ghost train to West Ruislip.
  • …and Arsenal fans are concerned about their slip down the table after a visit to the Transport Museum.

World Rail

Feature Image by David Chandler.


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