A little diorama to keep me busy

A fantastic little diorama from GWSRAlex on LocoYard. Very simple yet with so much to look at, this project proves modelling doesn’t have to take up acres of space.

Loco Yard


Locoyard seems to be suffering a bit of a railway modelling drought at the moment, apart from Simon’s excellent exhibition articles, with lots of posts on the big railways. Mr Locoyard himself is still dithering about what to do ;-), so I thought I’d post a bit about a diorama I made to keep me busy and to try out a few things, such as static grass. First off, choose a subject. I’m rubbish at imagining places, so it had to be somewhere real. I chose the approach to Winchcombe station (shown above) with the road over rail bridge as a main feature as I could visit regularly to get photographs to model from. There would also be a small amount of platform to model, some signals and embankment, so lots of interesting stuff in a small space.


So a start was made, first by hunting for the largest piece…

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