Side Tracked: Tube 270

Here’s something that caught my eye recently… a fantastic photography project being developed by Instagram user @mike_n5

On his website mike_n5 discribes himself as “A Curator of London,” and what better way to showcase the capital than a comprehensive catalogue of images of all 270 London Underground stations.

Many of the images on Tube 270 feature the platforms we are familiar with (Epping (above), a personal favourite), but others exhibit some of the archeticture we may miss day to day. From the sweeping Moscow inspired roof of Gants Hill (below) to escelators, walkways and stair hand rails.

In 2012 Tim McCready undertook a similar project being photographed next to each of the 270 station roundels as featured on the TfL and Evening Standard websites. Tim published his work set to music…

You can eagerly await your local station or catch up with Tube 270 by visiting @tube270 on Instagram.

Check out mike_n5’s website for more Alternative London articles including a review of London Launderettes and a Love Story of Handrails.

Pictures by @mike_n5 (@tube270)
Video by Tim McCready

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